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The Andoria System is a binary star system with 5 planets and 3 moons and is located close to Vulcan. In the middle of the 22nd century this spatial proximity was the reason for innumerable conflicts between the Andorian Empire and the Vulcans. The incident on P'jem was the high point of this conflict. Andoria lies likewise relatively close to the Sol System.

Alldor, the main star of the system is an orange star of the spectral class K. Circled by a type A white dwarf. At a middle distance of 3180 mk Andoria I draws its course, a naked rock planet. Next is Andoria II, likewise a hopeless rock world. On the third planet of the system, Andoria III, lies a colony as well as mines where Topaline ore and Duranium are mined. These mines are of great importance for the Andorian dockyards and for the economy of the homeland world. The next planet is Andoria IV, an enormous blue gas ball, which is surrounded by a planetary ring. Andoria IV possesses 3 moons, one of them is Andoria, the homeland world of the Andorians.

The Andorians are living in large cities under the surface because most of their world ice covered. On Andoria there are places located like Andor City, the Imperial Guard, the Andorian academy and the LorPon laboratory.

The two other moon are rather normal nature, i.e. neither atmosphere nor seismic activity. However on the third moon Dilithium in a mine is diminished. The last planet is Andoria V, a gas giant, that pulls at a distance of 41686 mk its courses around Alldor.
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