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  • Borg cube
  • Borg cube
The Borg cube was the primary starship class of the Borg Collective's fleet. Borg cubes are designed as a combined weapons platform and factory. Their main purpose was for destroying the military capacity of a species and assimilate the survivors into the Collective. Starfleet designated these ships as dreadnoughts. In the first few years after the first were encountered by the Federation, they were also known simply as a "Borg vessel." Among other starship classes of the Borg fleet, the Borg cube went through three different versions in the 22nd, 23rd and 24th century respectively.

Borg cubes were massive in size, measuring over three kilometers across and possessing an internal volume of 27 cubic kilometers.

Borg cubes were capable of both warp and transwarp velocities, thanks partly to the Borg Collective's network of transwarp corridors and hubs. When a Borg cube enters a transwarp conduit, it projects a structural integrity field ahead of itself to compensate for the extreme gravimetric shear. To compensate for the extreme temporal stress while traveling through these corridors, and remain in temporal sync, a chroniton field was also projected through specially designed conduits. (VOY: "Shattered") Borg cubes did not present with the twin warp nacelle configuration utilized by nearly all warp-capable species, and the technology by which a Borg cube achieves warp speed is unknown. A Borg cube's maximum warp factor appeared to be greater than that of a Galaxy-class starship, as the Enterprise-D, during its first encounter with a Borg cube, was not able to maintain its distance from one such vessel when it attempted to flee.
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