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Borg Cube
Borg Cube
The Borg cube was the primary starship class of the Borg Collective's fleet. Borg cubes were designed as a combined weapons platform and factory. Their main purpose was to destroy the military capacity of a species and assimilate the survivors into the Collective.

Like all Borg vessels, Borg cubes operated in a completely decentralized manner with no bridge or engineering but duplicated systems all over the cube so that theoretically even if as much as eighty percent of a cube were destroyed it could continue to operate. In fact, cubes did not even have a single unified hull but instead feature multiple forcefield projectors which are able to extend and contain the atmosphere in a cube as necessary. The internal pressure aboard a Borg cube was two kilopascals above what would be normal on a Federation starship, humidity was an average 92 percent, and temperature was at 39.1° Celsius.

A cube's decentralized systems included extensive weaponry; 36 programmable weapons arrays capable of producing phaser beams and torpedoes, 12 focused neutron beams capable of cutting through starships' hulls and 24 tractor beam emitters. Cubes are also equipped with 240 sensor arrays and a variety of propulsion systems, impulse engines, multiple warp field conduits capable of propelling the cube in any direction at a cruising speed of warp 8 and top speed of warp 9.99 and multiple transwarp coils allowing the cube to enter and traverse the Borg's transwarp network. Earlier estimates by the Federation hinted at at least warp speeds of 9.9, allowing the vessels to travel 7,000 light years in one calendar year.

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