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Borg Sphere
Borg Sphere
The Borg long-range tactical vessel, commonly referred to by the Federation as a Borg sphere, was a sphere-shaped starship used by the Borg Collective during the late 24th century.

Borg spheres were used by the Borg as scout ships or long-range tactical vessels. Borg spheres were also embedded into some Borg cubes, and were used as auxiliary craft.

Borg spheres had a crew complement of 11,000 Borg drones. The spheres were approximately 600 meters in diameter, and had an interior bay large enough to hold an Intrepid-class starship.

Borg spheres had transwarp capability and ablative hull armor. They were also equipped with a tractor beam. Provided its deflector shields were down, a Borg sphere could be destroyed by a Sovereign-class starship with relative ease using quantum torpedoes.

A sphere had no living quarters nor a discernible engineering section for the propulsion systems. There was, however, a primary shield generator inside the shield matrix. The several transwarp coils of a sphere were contained inside specialized rooms called transwarp chambers that featured heavy shielding.
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