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The Cardassia system is the home star system of the Cardassians and the political center of the Cardassian Union. The system is located only a few light-years from the Bajor system.

Prior to the militarization of the Cardassian government, Cardassia was home to some of the finest art and architecture in the quadrant. However, the once great Cardassian civilization fell in to severe decay and its starving population plundered the planet's ruins for treasures that could be sold.

Beside the homeworld there are 3 more class M worlds in the system. Cardassia III, a desert planet with dry climate is circling Cardass, the white main star of the system. On the planet's surface is an cardassian colony. Next planet is Cardassia IV, also a desert planet. In the more habitable regions of the planet are cities and settlements located and also the Hutet labor camp. Fifth planet is Cardassia V, an ice planet. One half of the surface is covered by a thick ice glacier. In the zones without ice are tundra landscapes and a cardassian museum. Altogether there are 9 planets and 1 moon in the home system of the Cardassians.
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