v1.01 Version History
v1.01 Initial Release
Star Trek: Klingon Academy Patch
Version 1.01 Release

Ship Fixes:

- We fixed a bug that caused crew to unexpectedly die during low power situations.
- You shields will now be raised automatically after you retrieve marines.
- The amount of damage done by the Antimatter Field Projector has been corrected.
- We fixed a problem in which ships were being captured too quickly when boarded by multiple warships.
- Ship explosion damage is now accurate for all ships.
- Macros for the KECX (experimental Bird of Prey used in missions 6 and 12) are fixed.
- Bases will now drift only slightly if you collide with them.
- Firing the Yamato's assault phaser will no longer reduce its power output.
- The Yamato's shield reinforcement controls are now mapped properly.
- The KDDC (Insurrection) will now benefit from Elite Officers.
- The weapon firing arcs and maneuverability of the KDDC (Insurrection) has been corrected.
- Shields will now recharge during warp travel.
- The firing rate and damage of the Shakurian carrier's multiwarhead missile has been corrected.
- Fixed a problem with targeting secondary weapons on the FCL.
- The Planet Killer's defensive strength and mobility have been corrected.


- The keyboard shortcut for "All Stop" will no longer affect impulse power.
- We fixed a bug where the "Fire All Weapons" command would sometimes lock up your weapons.
- The "Look Up" and "Look Down" keys are now mapped properly and are no longer reversed.
- The HUD opacity slider will no longer affect the picture in picture region.
- Keyboard commands have been added for Shakurian fighters (attack my target, form-up and retrieve).


- We fixed a bug that prevented the AI from firing heavy weapons on the highest difficulty level.
- Ramming by the AI ships was toned down a bit.

Star Systems:

- We fixed a problem that caused planets to jump after the game was paused for several minutes and then restarted.
- Random encounters will now appear in the Sol system during Quick Battle exploration.
- Quick battle planets will no longer lined up in a row.
- The planetary orbits in the Pfeiffer system have been corrected.


- We fixed a bug that occurred if you paused the game during boarding party conflicts.
- We reduced some of the long pauses that occurred when certain actions were taken (e.g., decloaking, wingman orders).
- Secondary and advanced weapon damage reports will now play at the appropriate times.
- The Elite Helmsmen will now appear on the Medical screen when you have earned him.
- Corrections to the ship's library have been made.
- ICD errors have been addressed.
- You will no longer be required to have CD2 in the drive when launching the game.

Multiplayer Bug Fixes:

- You may now assign bases and stations to AI "players" in multiplayer. You cannot start a game if human players have selected a base or station as their ship.
- Fixed problem with players getting stuck in an UNO ship.
- The FAS attack shuttle and all freighters are now playable.
- Fixed a bug where ships are sometimes invisible after respawning.
- The multiplayer point system should now work properly.
- The crew quantity and experience buttons should now work properly.
- The point values for bases and certain other ships have been updated.
- The interface art has been updated.

Mission Fixes:

Note: The following list of mission fixes may contain spoiler information. STOP READING if you do not want to know details about missions you may not have played.

- Fixed a bug where Elite Officers were not being assigned based on Honor points accumulated.
- The text for mission dialog choices has been updated.

Mission 03:
- Fixed some minor dialog chains being called at the wrong time.

Mission 06:
- The voD will now enter the planetary ring and gas giant if you instruct it to.

Mission 08:
- The correct name of the base the player is stationed at is now used.
- Fixed a bug where you'd fail the mission if you warped out of the Tambor system before the Tholians finished attacking the Hornet.
- Fixed a bug where the mission wouldn't end if the Fesoan died in the Shandrak system.

Mission 09:
- The correct name of the base the player is stationed at is now used.
- Fixed a bug where the mission wouldn't end properly if you choose to not turn over Poktarl.

Mission 10:
- Fixed a bug where K'mak would sometimes sit dormant in the Solidak system.

Mission 12:
- Made it easier to approach Melkor's vessel to initiate the Passive Sensor Array.

Mission 13:
- "Destroy the USS Enterprise" objective is now displayed in the debrief screen if it is passed.

Mission 15:
- Fixed a bug that may have been causing some of the mines around the base to be destroyed. This left the player with too few mines to finish off the base, and the player would have to fly up to the base and kill it manually.

Mission 16:
- Added a delay so that the dialogue from Jaghjech doesn't overlap with Science Officer's.
- Moved freighter closer to Klingon ship in the puyDete system.
- Romulan ship attacks earlier to make it more challenging.

Mission 18:
- Fixed a bug where Jaghjech says a line of dialogue after he has been killed.
- Fixed a bug where a line of dialogue repeats indefinitely at the end of the mission.

Mission 21:
- Warp to Qojup objective will now display the correct status in the debrief screen.

Mission 22:
- The correct name of the base the player is stationed at is now used.

Mission 23:
- Changed Objective text to help the player know what to do.
- Fixed a script bug that would cause a script error if the player died at the same time as the Shakurians.
- Moved the battle into the Nebula of the Tal'Ihnor Nebula.
- Changed ships allied with Melkor to Romulans to make it easier to determine who is an enemy.
- Changed a few ship classes to fix mission balancing problems introduced with the fix to the AMFP.

Mission 25:
- The starbase is now using the proper model.
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