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Norway Class
Norway Class
Norway Class
Norway Class
In 2357, Starfleet rolled out the newest of a class of ships intended to re-center Starfleet and move it away from the bigger-is-better philosophy envisioned in the largest ships of the last few build cycles; such as the Ambassador, Galaxy and Nebula-classes.

The Norway Class vessel began in the mind of engineers at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. The idea was that Starfleet should reawaken a building policy that was more directed and specific when it comes to the manufacture of vessels. However, general Starfleet policy of the last two decades had lead to the design of faster, more aggressive ships that are well armed against the emerging and hidden threats Starfleet had seen appear with alarming regularity.

Initial plans for the ship sketched it in the format of other vessels in service. However, that initial design was scrapped in favor of increasing numbers of uni-hull ships being developed by other departments in ASDB. Four test designs were proposed and elimination lead to the flattened arrowhead saucer and catamaran design put into service.

Designed to function for long periods in non-definitive missions, the Norway Class starship is visually impressive on first sight. Though not the largest ship in Starfleet by any means, its midsize condition allows it to both impose and relieve those that see it as an arm of Federation sovereignty when it is encountered.

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