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Ournal Class
Ournal Class
Ournal Class
Ournal Class
The Ournal Class was a space station and starbase design in use, by Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets, during the late 23rd and 24th centuries.

It had a massive layout that was designed to harbor numerous starships inside its upper, mushroom-formed section. The interior docking bay could be accessed by four pairs of large space doors evenly spaced along the outer hull. Each set of space doors was located directly between two of the docking structures located inside. One of these pairs of space doors was wide enough to allow passage of a Excelsior-class vessel, while another could allow the passage of a Galaxy-class vessel. Passage through the outer doors and docking was handled by a dedicated docking control facility. The center of the internal docking space featured a column-like structure with three berths allowing a starship to dock on either side, i.e., six in total. Crew facilites such as lounges within this column-like structure had large windows, offering panoramic views of the spacedock's interior.

Ournal Class stations were capable of major starship refits as well as repairs and could also serve as personnel hubs for crew rotations. It could easily provide refit and repair facilities for up to 8 cruiser-sized starships and up to 24 of Starfleet's lesser-sized ships.
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