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  • Type 6 Shuttle
  • Type 6 Shuttle
The type 6 shuttlecraft was a short-range Starfleet auxiliary vehicle carried aboard Federation starships and space stations during the 24th century.

For propulsion, the type 6 was equipped with two 1,250 millicochrane warp nacelles and microfusion thrusters. The craft was powered by a fusion reactor core and a starboard and port power supply. It was furthermore equipped with an RCS thruster quad and an atmospheric ramscoop for atmospheric flight. A flight avionics unit aided the pilot with flying the craft. There was no standard armament, but the shuttlecraft could be equipped with two type 4 phaser emitters for special purposes. The shuttle also featured a forward navigational deflector, a forward sensor array, a forward emitter array, a primary emitter, and a graviton polarity source generator.

Entry to the shuttle was through a large hatch in the rear of the vessel. The hatch could be opened via a control pad next to the impulse engines. There were benches for passenger seating in the aft section, and ample room for cargo. A separate systems display was also found in the aft area, as were storage bins.
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